My name's Michael, otherwise known online as "acidiclight." I'm an aspiring visually impaired game develper and the lead programmer of Restitched. This is my website where I write about things and stuff and share my work.

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Socially Distant

Game | TBA | Windows PC, Mac, Linux | Alkaline Thunder
The year is 2020. There are 3 major global pandemics spreading through society. A disease infecting thousands daily, a ransomware attack on the healthcare system, and the flood of fake news and misinformation over social media. The fate of society is in your hands.


Game | TBA | Windows PC | Trixel Creative
Restitched is an upcoming 2.5D UGC-based platformer by Trixel Creative, featuring a lovable teddybear named Stuffy. I am most well-known for my contributions to the game’s Build Mode.

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