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How I fixed zoom in KDE

How I fixed KDE's screen magnifier, and what other desktops and compositors can learn from it

Letters to my past self: Nullable reference types

A letter to my past self about why you absolutely should use nullable reference types.

Plans for a rewrite – why, and what went wrong with the current code

Although Socially Distant sounds like a simple game idea at first glance, the programming required to make it work isn’t. Being an operating system simulation game at its core, it comes with many of the same challenges associated with building an actual desktop environment – with the added complexity of turning that into a game, and adding other functionality required by a game such as a robust save system, while also making the game run well and be visually appealing. It is quite an undertaking for a small team of hobbyists, and it’s time for us to regroup.

The Making of the Socially Distant Logo

How was the Socially Distant logo made and what decisions led to its final design? Find out in this now-freely-available Patreon-exclusive devlog!

Socially Distant May 2022 Devlog

This is the first ever entry in the monthly Socially Distant Devlog series.

Rewritten Save System, Chat Dialog System, and lots more!

This post was migrated from the old website, some images have unfortunately been lost to time. We have curated all broken portions of this post and replaced them with descriptions of the content that was once there. We apologize for the broken devlog!